Skip Gestures, Boris – Put The Boot Into Brussels!

I see that ‘British diplomats will pull out from the EU’s institutional structures of power in Brussels within days, under plans being drawn up by Downing Street.’


Yet the truth is, it’s simply gesture politics – no substitute for a direct hit against Britain’s adversary.



The Euro-Commissars are unlikely to shed a single tear if UK flunkeys ‘stop attending the day-to-day meetings that inform the bloc’s decision-making.’

So I have to say I’m not sure that this is such a great idea.

Much more effective surely would be to create havoc at all levels of the Brussels Empire…


…and to use whatever slivers of veto power remain to national governments in order to throw a huge spanner in the EUSSR works.

Grow A Set, May – Block The Brussels Budget

We did suggest, more than once, blocking their budget not so long ago.

They would have no grounds for complaint.

Budget Passed, Backstop Dropped?

Sounds a fair trade!