Canada’s Last Chance? Roll Back Multicult!

A call I had been hoping to hear for decades, this promise to repeal the mad Multicult Act  – –   so I will be singing songs of praise for Maxime Bernier’s People’s Party in the election…


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….whenever it is…

Canadians even just a few years younger than I am do not seem to realise how multicult was never considered remotely Canadian…


…until Turdo introduced it.

Even Lester Pearson, a man I’ve no time for, had only sought to impose BI-culturalism on the Dominion, as he tried to detach Canada from its British North american roots.




Accommodating Quebec, for electoral advantage as much as anything, was Pearson’s motivation, and I don’t know what he’d have thought if he saw the mess Canadian immigration policies have created….

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..but certainly the Quebeckers are not impressed…

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…any more than many of my Ulster-Scots descended kin in Ontario…