Good For Greece – Now Clean Out The Red Nazis!

Great to see the government in Athens keep at least one of its promises…



…and even more when it’s a ‘centre-right’  government – such oxymoronic regimes often talk tough to get elected then weasel out.

Some ‘centre-right’ leaders even start weaselling before elections, like Canada’s Spineless Scheer…

Calling All Canadians – Tell Scheer To Fight Turdo Tyranny! 

…but back to Greece for the moment, and the repeal of the asinine leftist law that ‘prohibited police from entering universities.’

Even the Guardian, quoting Prime Minister Mitsotakis, has to immediately recognise his truths.

“During a typical student’s life, he will see faculties controlled by a manner of different groups, drugs and basements full of petrol bombs and hoodies.”

In recent years academics have been attacked on university sites, while drug addicts have been seen shooting up in broad daylight on campuses.

I wasn’t sure of the Greek words for Red Nazi Antifa ( it was Ancient Greek I studied in school, and such ghastly phenomena did not exist in Ancient Greece!) but I looked it up and here’s their symbol…

Image result for antifa greece

…and their character is not much different from their equally anti-democratic German counterparts!




The savagery of the Greek far-left is no different from that of the scum who have been running amok in other countries.

Time to root the hoodlums out and lock them up!