Fourth Reich Has Nazi Roots? How Dare You!

Pro-Kremlin media ‘spread false claims that EU has Nazi roots’

Security commissioner reveals disinformation acts aimed at influencing EU elections

OMG – a truly shocking revelation – not the rubbish about ‘pro-Kremlin media…’


fourth reich


…but the ( undoubtedly expensive) existence of a Fourth Reich ‘Security Commissar…’..

….oops, ‘Commissioner!’

What was the full name of the red gestapo in the bad old Communist days of the DDR, the Deutsche Demokratische Republik, aka the ‘German Democratic Republic,’ aka East Germany?

Staatsicherheit   – aka Stasi..



 ‘State Security!’


On mornings after party nights, I try not to look in the mirror too often, because there’s some guy a lot older than me keeps staring back, an askance look on his face.

But after studying a recent piece in EUObs… ..scribbled (ferociously, no doubt) by that far-left bint they employ to rant at patriots, Ezster Zalan, whom I’ve noticed previously…

Press Freedom Day? Attack-Dog Zalan Flaunts Media’s Bias 

…I see that Ezster the Extreme is most anguished about news from the ‘EU Commission…


….that “Russian sources” had carried out sustained disinformation efforts to suppress turnout and influence voter preferences during the elections to the European Parliament last month.’

But there’s more…

Bots and fake accounts linked to Russian sources – 

– challenged the EU’s democratic legitimacy –

 -and aimed to radicalise political discourse, with EU officials identifying over a thousand cases..

Good grief!

Which of the following reports that challenged the EU’s democratic legitimacy – and appeared after those elections! – can be classified as ‘bots and fake accounts?’

The EU’s scurrilous anti-democratic dealings prove once again that it …

The IndependentJul 5, 2019
Irish ExaminerJul 17, 2019

Are THOSE media Russian bots, like me?

And that’s why I skipped the bath-room mirror this Monday morning, for there’s a new fear nags at me…


. I actually a Russian bot?

It’s true my post-grad choice of study at my illustrious uni was Soviet and East European Studies (for what else should a good physician study but disease?) and that I visited Moscow in the glasnost era, but, deep down, I know I am not remotely Russian.

Nor of course are the numerous writers who for years have been outdoing my own modest efforts to discredit the EUSSR, as when I posted on such aspects as…

Pro-Kremlin media ‘spread false claims that EU has Nazi roots’

Security commissioner reveals disinformation acts aimed at influencing EU elections

…to underline the truth, as stated incontrovertibly here already, more than once.

Most readers will know all about the Nazi and Vichyite founding-fathers of the EUSSR, but some of you who are new to our pages can have a look at this-

New ‘Nazi’ Smear – Guardian Hits Gutter-Level Once Again! 

Spaak the Nazi

Brussels’ Nazi Antecedents Exposed

  • …which gives the key quote that needs to be spread all over Europe, especially in the course of the current campaign, the wicked words of an evil old authoritarian, whose loathing of democracy was fundamental to his elitist ideology.

  • =

  • “Europe’s nations should be guided towards the super-state without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation.”

  • =
  • =JeanMonnetREX_468x719
    • Jean Monnet, the supranationalist SOB whom all Euro-Commissars revere. 


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