Sassoli, Top Strasbourg Slug, Sobs On Drunkard’s Shoulder!

Not physically, but by letter, of course.


To whom does David-Maria Sassoli pray?

Sassoli – Ex-State Media Hack, Risen Through Renzi’s Rat-Pack! 

That ‘Italian’ rat-bag David-Maria Sassoli has been whining to The Drunkard on behalf of a crimmigrant cargo hovering off his country’s coat, another boat-load of would-be bludgers –

Look Here, Gere! Learn Some Manners! 

– those championed by Gere the Gabbler.

The President of the Strasbourg Slugs has bleated piteously to Liar Juncker that ‘if Europe did not help “it’ll mean it has lost its soul.”

Better he be concerned about the Italian victims of so-called “refugees and asylum-seekers” who have lost their lives.

Retired Couple ‘Slaughtered Like Goats!’ 

…or been sexually assaulted….

But instead, Sassoli sheds figurative tears for the lawless intent on violation of Italian territorial sovereignty –

Muslim migrants threw Christians overboard  – how many even of that lot have been deported?

– and seems unaffected by the nightmare violations undergone by Italian womenfolk.

He is a disgrace!