For Scolding Pinko Piglets, Patriot Teacher OUT!

Here in Jakarta, today, Indonesians are celebrating Independence Day.

Flags fly everywhere, kids lined up in school uniforms with both proud parents and teachers delighting in their children’s patriotic pride.

How refreshingly different from certain parts of the United States!



The teacher has been removed from the classroom while the Office of Professional Standards for Duval County Public Schools undertakes the matter for “review and appropriate action,” the Times-Union reported..

Of what villainy is the terrible teacher guilty?

The statements made by the educator are not consistent with state statute or school board policy,” the district’s statement also said, the paper noted.

What statements did the outrageous educator make?

He told off a pack of pig-ignorant brats who disrespected the Pledge of Allegiance which generations of American schoolchildren have been proud to recite.

Not only that, he wrote on his board a lot of reasons why youngsters should esteem their country.

What a monster!

No wonder First Coast High School Principal Justin Effluent, sorry, Fluent, disowned the man!

I believe classrooms provide the perfect place to have insightful and thought-provoking discussions about patriotic expressions and civil liberty. However, this must be done in a productive and respectful way, and in accordance with law and school board policy.”

In other words, any patriotic teacher, confronted by juvenile slugs, who cares enough to point out the error of their skanky ways… gets silenced!

Tell him what you think,


Mind you, he has his fans, like a deranged dorkette whose brat is as  pathetic as its mother, having whine-mailed home an image of the ‘foolishness’ i.e. the patriotic declaration, ‘written by Mr. Daniel Goodman..

Here’s how Mama Dork thinks her fellow-Un-Americans should ‘protest!’

’I hope none of the students stand up for the Pledge of Allegiance…’

What kind of parent sets such a slimy example to her offspring?