In What Possible Way Is Jessica Alba ‘Coloured?’

Just idling on the sofa – I went out late morning but am home again – and saw Jessica Alba being interviewed about a new TV crime series, L.A.’s Finest, which might well be worth watching, not least because she stars in it.


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Ms. Alba herself is certainly worth watching – a low-cut blouse which afforded a good view of her skin, which is about the same colour as mine, though much more appealing, undoubtedly.

Yet the topic appeared to be about ‘women of colour’ (meaning coloured women, presumably, and their advances in the film industry.


Alongside her was a real coloured woman, a pretty girl named Gabrielle Union…


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…who was recognisably ‘Afro-American’ i.e. ‘black’ i.e. negro, and they both gabbled happily away about their hobby-horse, ‘diversity.’ Ms. Union at one point making the outlandish assertion that she wanted those behind the scenes to ‘look like the global community.’

What rot!

Why should they, and how can they?

People interviewed for employment ought to be grilled about their qualifications and experience, not hired if the ‘behind-the-scenes’ bunch is short of a hottentot or an eskimo.

But then it was on France24, so why was I even mildly surprised.

PS – according to wikipedia, Jessica Alba’s genetic composition has been scientifically proven to be  72.7% European, 22.5% East Asian and Native American, 2% Sub-Saharan African, 0.3% Middle Eastern and North African, 0.1% South Asian, and 2.4% “No Match”

So she is overwhelmingly white.

As if that were not obvious from her appearance.

As if it matters.