On Twitter? OK, Your Chance To Upset Brussels

This is from the Chairman of BBAG – Bradford & Bingley Action Group, and he’s appealing for Twitter users support.

I don’t have anything to do with Twitter, but if you are, please note that one of the villains in the story is the Brussels Empire.



Today my wife Irene Blundell has made a claim against Gordon Brown for
£184.25 which is the amount she invested in the Bradford & Bingley (B&B)
rights issue approved by the Financial Services Authority and completed in
August 2008 just seven weeks before Gordon Brown’s Government in collusion
with the European Commission destroyed B&B as an ongoing business. See
press release link below.
Press Release
BBAG is on Twitter and we need your help to make it a success.
We request that you and other interested parties join Twitter and follow us
on @bbactiongroup and @blundellward.
This campaign will only succeed with the help of everyone and it is
imperative that we build momentum on Twitter and other social media in
order to secure the truth as to why the European Commission colluded
with Gordon Brown’s Government in the needless destruction of Bradford
& Bingley.
B&B’s destruction is not just a question of compensation, the industrial
scale obfuscation and subterfuge of the political establishment, particularly
the Cabinet Office, HMT and the Financial Conduct Authority, in their
determination to suppress the truth indicates that“ we no longer live in an
open democracy subject to the rule of law in which those who hold high
office are accountable to the people”.