Proven Again – Trump’s Grasp Of The Migrant Menace!

Skulking in a crimmigrant detention centre in Mexico, a wanted jihadist…


devil destroyed


….a US citizen described by the FBI as a supporter of Islamic extremism was found among a group of migrants at a temporary detention facility in the southern border state of Chiapas, the Mexican Attorney General”s Office said.

Mohammed A. is exactly what a lot of the Open Borders fanatics want to welcome into America.

Marxists, anarchists, Red Nazi Antifa, all the Un-American swine we will be seeing on the news from Portland this weekend..


antiflenin (1)

Huh: Portland’s Mayor Is Taking A ‘Tough On Crime’ Approach To Antifa?   

…are unabashed in their readiness to use violence against anyone who dissents from their ideologies.

Of course they see nothing amiss if savage aliens bent on mayhem get into their country. Hell, they are – a lot of them – cheer-leaders for their own murderous terrorists, like the unlamented Willem Van Spronsen!

The Evil Within

The Evil Within

   One Less Red Nazi Antifa – Burn In Hell, S.O.B! 

All that hogwash about bubbling brats deprived of toothpaste fades away when this sort of ‘poor desperate migrant seeking a better life’ is unearthed among the illegals plotting incursions.

But d’you think for a nano-second that the Media-Democrat party will finally admit Trump’s analysis is correct.