Send Her Back (Via The Ballot Box) To Obscurity!


For our numerous readers in the USA, here’s a good read…



…about a good man ready to take on that grisly Somali-born brute Ilhan Omar.

Media Cover-Up! Did Un-American Omar Wed Her Brother? 



FACT: Ilhan Omar hates America, Israel, Donald Trump and liberty-loving Americans like you, and that’s why her time in Congress must come to an end.
As a father, husband, proud American and small business owner, I can no longer sit by idly and accept her disgusting actions or watch her newfound celebrity status become more important than serving the needs of the constituents in this district.

Will you join me in changing the course of history with your best gift of $100 or more? Every contribution from $5 to the federal maximum amount of $2,800 will be used wisely to mount the proper offense against Omar and her radical forces.
Like Israel just did, I need you to take a stand and help me defeat Ilhan Omar in 2020.
For America,
Lacy Johnson
Lacy Johnson
Republican Candidate
Minnesota 5th Congressional District