‘The Humanity Bureau’ – USA Under Antifa Rule!

The Humanity Bureau was released last year, with Nicholas Cage and Sarah Lind as stars, but I only saw it this past weekend…


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….thanks to ‘Fox Action Movies’ channel being made ‘free access’ for Indonesia’s holiday weekend.

It’s anyone’s guess what the producers intended, but to me it portrayed very vividly what America would look like if the Antifa Red Nazis came to power…


…as is entirely possible if Trump is replaced by a Media-Democrat ideologue in 2020.

To support my analysis, one of the first victims of villainy is an old gentleman who has a faded but cherished photo of himself with the present-day POTUS!

There is a nod to pinko panickry, reference to a radio-active ‘climate change’ situation…



….but very quickly the totalitarian regime is shown rounding up members of impoverished but intensely patriotic small-town/farming communities – the decent heart and soul of the country, loathed by the ‘metropolitan elites…’


…and by the Antifa storm-troops, in equal measure.

Once the good Americans are rounded up, they’re despatched to ‘New Eden,’ for a fresh start, a monstrous euphemism for a colony of death camps!

That scenario conforms, with frightful symmetry, to how the Enemy Within regards ‘Deplorables’ and what fate they deserve.

Don’t waste your breath trying to convince Trump supporters…     Washington PostAug 16, 2019


The end is dramatic, and had me cheering quietly…


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…but it’s not for me to say more and spoil it for any of you who might decide to watch it!