Again, BBC Perverts ‘Songs Of Praise’ To Boost Their Bigot Bias!

I see no strong need to comment on this, from CfM. But I have to observe that the BBC is a disgraceful institution, a stranger to impartiality…


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….and venomously hostile to traditional values.

Same-sex marriage remains a highly contentious issue, especially for Christians and those of other faiths. Around 1 in 200 places of worship in England and Wales is registered to hold same-sex weddings. So that’s 99.5% that aren’t.

When it deals with controversial subjects, the BBC is supposed to “ensure a wide range of significant views and perspectives are given due weight and prominence”.

Yesterday’s Songs of Praise focused on faith and marriage, and celebrated same-sex marriage. Though the presenter briefly mentioned that some people disagree, air time was only given to those who endorse it.

Viewers were even told by one of the gay couples that those who don’t support same-sex marriage “just need to think about it, and they’ll get there one day”.

Will the BBC now allow the alternative view to be aired “in output of a similar type and weight and in an appropriate timeframe”? No, I don’t think so either.

Too bloody true, mate.

And this perversion of the purpose of what should be a Sunday worship show is nothing new for what we used to refer to as the Bum Boys Club.



After all, they could also be described as the Bludger-Boat-Cheerleaders!