R.I.P. Ibi Cat

Yesterday I took Ibi to the vet, and came home without her.

She was approximately 20 years old, born in the house I rented in Bekasi, West Java, and had moved with us when we came back to Jakarta.

She continued to move, as a valued companion, whenever we moved house within the teeming city.



She was a good cat, very clean and polite, never clawed furniture (nor people!) but enjoyed an active social life, out every night at human bedtime, back in the morning, expecting prompt breakfast service!

Ibi seemed to be a fan of NCIS, as she would sit on my lap when such law enforcement shows were on, but preferred the floor, beside the tv, not in front of it, when current affairs programmes were on, perhaps alarmed at some of my uncomplimentary observations.


She also liked to guard my laptop.

Up till around a year ago, she was in remarkably good shape for an old cat, a centenarian in our terms, but, beset by tumours, which, after initial surgery, the vet said were inoperable at her age, our faithful feline deteriorated steadily over recent months.

Finally, the day came when we had to make our last journey together, after a small feast  – the squidgy sort of Whiskas, and a bit of fried egg, another favourite – all the way to Cengkareng, where I took her out of the travelling bag and took my leave of her.

Quick and painless.

The house seems somewhat empty today.