“This is Canada! Go back to China!”

And who shouted that in Vancouver?

Not ‘racist’ or ‘populist’ or ‘far-right’ white-skinned Canadians, but good patriotic immigrants, and/or children of immigrants, of Chinese ethnicity.

The episode occurred when good people wearing black in solidarity with the Hong Kong freedom-fighters were confronted by people in red shirts.

The latter should not be in Canada at all, enemy aliens allegiant to Red China’s dictatorship, which may have abandoned the guff that passes for communist economics but still treats the world’s worst mass-murderer, Mao Tse Tung…



…as some kind of hero, and, aided and abetted, for money, by Twitter –

I just came home from a completely peaceful march where possibly a million Hong Kong residents came out, with no police in sight, to call for basic democratic rights. What greets me is straight up lies from Xinhua about “bands of thugs”, courtesy of Twitter advertising.‘


Twitter Accepts Chinese Regime Ads Smearing Hong Kong Protesters | Breitbart

– is rabidly hostile to any aspiration towards democracy on the part of Chinese people anywhere.

When I lived in Canada there were thousands of good immigrants whose loyalty to the country that had given them refuge, from evil marxist regimes in East and Central Europe, was in no doubt.

communism tyranny

Bafflingly, Canada nowadays seems to have opened its doors to comsymps, undesirable aliens who, as the media report says, started calling those in black “traitors” and asked them to remove their masks and sing the Chinese national anthem..


Those red scum should have been detained for deportation. Communists should never be afforded a safe haven in Canada, or any other civilised country.




They are totalitarian hypocrites! –

In China and Cuba and North Korea, yes, many party members have little choice in the matter.

But in democracies?

The old adage holds true – the only good Communist is a dead one.