Little Napoleon and The Burning Bush…

That Le Muppet has delusions of Napoleonic grandeur is a view hardly unique to this blog.



British Prime Minister Boris Johnson criticized the decision, after Chancellor Angela Merkel’s office did the same in Berlin.



Leave Bojo out of it for now.



When even Le Muppet’s pro-crimmigrant comrade Mama Stasi Merkel disavows Le Muppet’s latest and most abrasive petulant hissy-fit, a single-handed veto of a major trading deal between the Brussels Empire and Latin America, methinks the Elysee Eejit may have bitten off more than he can chew.

I have nothing to say about the Mercosur pact, though who knows that I might some other day.

But I do have to contemplate changing Macron’s blog nick-name from Le Muppet to Le Meddler.




Again, the forest blazes in Brazil are a matter for another day, and more importantly a matter for Brazil!

The Euro-Commissars have the same rights I have to make observations in their personal capacities on any issue…


….but they have no more right than I have, to dictate how another nation’s problems should be tackled.

Threatening diplomatic or commercial sanctions against Brazil is plain proof of the EUSSR’s calculating and hypocritical double-standards.

If the EUSSR can get uptight about a bunch of bush-fires on another continent…



…then one has to wonder why no serious steps were ever taken in response to much more tragic burnings, in Tibet.

After all, the forests are in Brazil.


Tibet is under Red Chinese rule, but is a proud nation which should be afforded self-determination.

The ‘European Union’ isn’t interested in that.

Nor really in democracy at all. Commercial contracts with the Reds come first.

That brings us back to Le Meddler.

macron bankerUntitled-23A

While Mama Stasi’s bad, she’s not stupid.

Bringing social mayhem to Germany by her multicult open-door policy was no foolish error but was done deliberately.




Bringing in South American produce, in contrast, is merely practical economics, daily business, which she sees no point in disrupting.

Like most of the European elite, she will bleat a bit about Brazil, and she doubtless detests President Bolsonaro…


 Jair Bolsonaro 

….because he represents traditional values,  which elites abhor –  but that’s as far as it goes.

Le Meddler, obsessed with his vision of himself as Master of Europe, driven by his inner flame of megalomanic wrath, has gone off the deep end.

I’m sure millions of French patriots share my sincere hope that he sinks.

Then France might get the leadership that France deserves…



…a pro-French President.