Malay Fanatic Rant Could Fuel ‘Islamophobia!’

  This is Zakir Naik, whose presence in Malaysia is more and more annoying to decent citizens.


Zakir Naik said the 'vilification campaign' against him is now in 'full swing' [File: Stringer/EPA]


He’s from India, but is scared stiff of being sent back there in case he’s arrested, tried and put in prison.

Incomprehensibly, he has been afforded the privilege of Permanent Resident status, in Malaysia, but instead of bobbing down and keeping out of trouble, his sectarian arrogance is such that he recently added to a series of extremist outbursts…

Malaysia, Truly Arabia, Defends Its Permanent Resident! 

(that was when we noted that he’s one of those bloodthirsty savages who advocates the..‘Death penalty for apostates…’)

Will Malaysia Kick Out Bigot Islamist?  


…by suggesting that if the government dared revoke his status, they might as well kick out ‘long-time guests’ – namely the Chinese population which has been there for generations! He’s also had a go at Malaysian Hindus!


But today it’s not so much the imported Indian fanatic we need to talk about, but a Malaysian Islamist leader whose recent statements are perhaps not calculated but certainly, if made known widely, bound to….

PAS President Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang said PAS appreciated Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s decision to not send Dr Zakir back to India, but slammed fellow Muslims who he claimed are blind towards Quranic teachings. — Picture by Mukhriz Hazim
Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang

…provoke worldwide waves of ‘Islamopohobia!

He claimed that it is an obligation for Muslims to defend their religion and their preachers when threatened, labelling the issue as “a red traffic light” that every sane Muslim in the country should not cross….

“Do not oppose the red light, because the right of Muslim brotherhood comes before citizenship, and crosses the borders of countries and nations. That is the fact, not an incitement,” he added.


Comes before citizenship?’

How dare he?

Obviously, such a declaration of disloyalty, such a mentality, is grossly offensive to patriots not only in Malaysia and will stoke “Islamophobia” if people think it is a mentality shared by most Muslims.

It is tantamount to an assertion that he and those who share his sectarian mind-set would willingly commit treason if they felt their country were to find itself in conflict with an Islamic state.

Unlikely, yes, as far as Malaysia’s concerned, but what about Britain, France, Canada or Australia…

…or Germany, Spain…

…or the United States?

There’s no room in ANY Western country for disloyals who boast that their sectarian solidarity outweighs the first proper call on every citizen’s duty.

This subversive bigot should be repudiated by decent Muslims around the world.