Sunny Monday! Good News In The Guardian! More ‘Asylumers’ Rejected!

What a great read to start the working week…


…even for those of us who don’t have to go to work this Monday morning!

And all the yummier because our glad tidings come courtesy of the ghastly Guardian!


We can almost taste pinko tears as some Italian hack quotes ‘an expert on asylum law’ who declares that –

“The vision of governments on the migration crisis has changed and more and more countries are rejecting an increasing number of requests for asylum…”


Of course it varies from country to country, with Italy doing an outstanding job, an 80% rejection rate, but an overall European score of 64% – up from 37% in 2026, is commendable, although as my old mathematics teacher often said, ‘room for improvement!

There’s a great deal more to the leftist lament and of course it’s not unalloyed good news – ‘rejection,’ regrettably, does not result in prompt deportation.

There are far too many legal loop-holes available to fakers, asinine ‘appeals’ which, needless to say, are advanced by rotten leftist lawyers, who may not all be as base and vile as the woman we noted a year or two back…



German Leftist Lawyer – “Rapist Refugees Don’t DeserveDeportation!” 

…but they do all deserve to be ostracised by patriotic citizens, for their constant endeavours to obstruct expulsion of undesirable aliens!

There’s also a disturbing mention of how easy it seems to be for fakers, once proven to be so, just to ooze off into the shadows…



….clearly permanent detention is required until all legal levels have been gone through.

It’s interesting to read the whole article.

Here’s the link –

– savour the encouraging aspects, and lap up the lachrymose tone of Lorenzo Tondo, the leftist who penned it, over your morning coffee.