Behave Like A Normal Person? Re-Education For You!

After a teacher dismissed a young maladjusted boy’s urge to be addressed as a girl…




…he was sent for re-education, in the delicate art of how to handle wannabe junior pervs.

And not just the sane teacher, but ALL the teaching staff!

One might have thought it more sensible to send the effeminate lad for psychotherapy!


But this is America 2019, where obnoxious brats can compel their teachers to speak trans-freak gobble-de-gook,

viz. if  ‘he/she; they/them’ cause discomfort in those addressed,the errant teachers must abandon the English language completely and use non-words designed by freakos. i.e. ze/zir!


So, it seems, says the bizarre school principal of Sandalwood High, a man named Saryn Hatcher.


Dr. Saryn Hatcher Sandalwood High School Principal


“Thank you for the feedback,” Hatcher wrote in an email….”Please know that Sandalwood is a child-friendly school. Your wishes will be honored. I will handle this and get back with you.




Similarly, if some revolting little yob ( that’s a Brit expression meaning a backward or anti-social boy) wants to wear girls’ clothing, he may – how nauseating can it get?

More nauseating still, alas, because of course ‘plans should be developed for restroom and/or locker room use corresponding students’ gender identities.’

So juvenile voyeurs may declare themselves possessed of imaginary vaginas and freely invade the girls’ “safe-spaces?”


In any healthy society, any such dirty young oaf would get a sound thrashing.

Nowadays subversive school administrators pander to degenerate oiks. SICKO_logo-11