London, Paris, Sydney – Beijing Reds Emerge From Under Their Stones!

A shocking series of photographs – use this BBC newslink… 

– have revealed the alarming number of enemy aliens whom Red China can mobilise to serve its marxist dictatorship’s evil cause…




….not only in Hong Kong, but in the capital cities of democratic Western nations!

While many honest ethnic Chinese residents in Australia, Britain and France have been out on the streets to show support for the freedom fighters in Hong Kong…


What every decent human being aspires to witness – the destruction of communism!.

..crowds of Beijing’s lick-spittle lackeys, mobs that seem at least as large as the crowds of decent democracy campaigners, have also appeared, confronting the pro-freedom protestors.


Image result for pro-beijing sydney

Reds rant against liberty


In one photo, below, a patriotic young man, whose only offence was to have been seen carrying the fine old Free China flag…

Related image

…has been knocked down, under attack by a violent red mob.

==Image result for taiwan flag sydney attack


Who let these communist hoodlums into Western countries?


out with them

Boot the B-stards OUT!