What A Contrast – Brave Agnes V The Po-Faced Brat!

Yesterday we had a bit of fun, contrasting the attractive Brexit Party candidate Jay Ashton with the ravishingly horrid Europhiliac, Gagool Soubry.




Today I offer a much more serious contrast, the brave young Agnes Chow, Hong Kong freedom fighter…


Image result for agnes chow detained


…currently in the custody of a police force whose reputation –

#MeToo: Hong Kong protesters call out sexual harassment by police

–  must have all Agnes’ friends and family consumed with concern…

…and the ridiculous little loud-mouth whose arrival in New York was treated by much of the media as if it were the Second Coming.


Image result for greta thunberg


That po-faced driplet’s self-righteous pomposity makes many wish to vomit. She makes no sacrifices at all. Nothing she says or does puts her at any risk whatsoever – even if she stopped truanting, she’d get not one of her wrists slapped.

In contrast…

Agnes’ courage, in whatever cell Beijing’s collaborators have confined her, deserves universal acclaim.