If Your Neighbourhood Were Over-Run By Red Nazis?

After several years of Red Tsipras’ anti-Greek misrule..




…during which alien savages were free to run amok and Greeks were treated with contempt by their own government…


Tear gas fills the air as French riot police face off with demonstrators near the area called the "jungle" where migrants live in Calais

Tear-Gas Greeks, Welcome Crimmigrants! Marxist Tsipras, Brussels’ Tool! 

…it’s nice to see that a modicum of sanity prevails once more in that tormented land, with the news that in Athens, ‘police have arrested about 100 people in dawn raids on squats in Athens mostly occupied by refugees and migrants.’

Note the deliberate attempt at mystification of readers by coupling ‘refugees’ with ‘migrants.’.

Ingrate Afghans – In Athens – Tell GREEK To “Go, Go!” 

Vile Ingrates Again Show Contempt For Greek Hosts! 


Refugees?’ ‘Migrants?’ ‘’Asylum-Seekers?’

I don’t suppose their Greek victims drew any such feeble distinction, when faced with the mayhem!


The area in Athens concerned is Exarcheia, which, laudably, ‘was flooded by police during the operation.’

But as we read on, the question arises – are there no decent Greeks left still residing in Exarchia?

We are told that the anarchist squat movement in the area…resolved to open empty buildings in Exarcheia to house refugees….on the same principles of autonomous self-organisation.   https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/aug/26/greece-police-raid-athens-squats-exarcheia-arrest-migrants-agency-reports


We’ll see if he’s more ‘centre’ or more ‘right!’ And if he puts Greece before the sicko Brussels Empire’s addiction to their ‘European Values!’

What he SHOULD do is – 

Turn Exarchia into a semi-permanent training camp for police and the Greek armed forces, simultaneously instituting a comprehensive programme of evictions…



…until every ‘anarchist’ (aka red nazi antifa) is evicted, detained and deposited in a cell…


…and all non-citizens skulking there are corralled into confinement…



…ready for mass deportations.