So THIS Is What Canadians Call ‘Conservative?’

Although she is a highly forgettable old cow, some Canadian readers (but few if any outside Canada) will recall Kim Campbell as perhaps the briefest occupant of the Prime Minister’s residence in Ottawa.

( Apology here – during my search for a suitably unflattering photo, I learned that she never even moved into the official PM residence!)
Cowardly Kim Campbell

She’s a foul-mouthed and cowardly old bat too, her gutless character exposed early this year when she tweeted obscene abuse at President Trump, similar to that used by the far-left American hag we’ve talked about…

‘Mother-F…..?’ What Kind Of ‘Mother?’ Foul-Mouthed Fanatic Disgraces Michigan

…then, taking flak, deleted it  – but lacked the grace to apologise and was too yellow even to respond to CBC’s request for an explanation for her irrational conduct.

She was swept from power after a mere 5 months, back in 1993.

Although she lost that election to an abominable Liberal, she herself was pitifully inadequate as a campaigner.

She has now re-vindicated the voters’ long-ago decision by posting another infantile ‘tweet…’


…..hoping that Hurricane Dorian will devastate The Donald’s Mar A Logo holiday home in Florida.

What a stupid shrew!

Since she presumably doesn’t expect Trump to be there, then whom does she imagine the destructive effect of the hurricane to terrify or hurt?

Domestic staff?

Hapless neighbours?

What a bloody moron!