Oz Prod God-Squad Spares The Rod!

Sydney Catholic and Anglican churches say they will not follow the example of the Uniting church, which has granted support to the school climate strike movement and given students support to attend the marches.

The arrogant brats are plotting another walk-out in three weeks, Friday 20 September,


Why have the brash little upstarts not been suspended by their schools, after their previous manifestations of ill-discipline and irresponsibility.

Their equally callow counterparts in Germany have shown what can follow from departure from the wise Biblical exhortation ‘spare the rod and spoil the child!’

School Walk-Outs Unpunished, Now Mangy Mutts Attack Cops! 

..while their po-faced, pie-faced idol has posed with masked law-breakers in Germany.



Please, Grotty Greta, Just Don Your Fanatic Play-Mate’s Mask

While the two denominations named at the top of our page are to be commended for not giving their blessing to the brats, how pathetic are the Uniting church’s NSW and ACT synod members.



We need to listen and learn from young people,” the church said in a statement.

Like, uh, WHICH young people?

Sure, some young people talk sense, but that does not mean that all young people do.


Some young people are just embarrassing to see and hear.


Some young people, like some adults, are genuinely evil.



Lying Parasites! Aged ‘Asylum Kids’ Allotted Homes As Aussies Wait in Line! 


But the Uniting Church babbles on…

It’s their future that is at stake and their protests are genuine and informed and should not be ignored.”


Actually, their protests are a breach of the truancy law.

If their parents allow it, they have their weekends free to ‘protest’ as they please.

But the selfish little sods prefer to cut classes on Fridays, because ‘protesting’ on Saturdays and Sundays would mean skipping a sloppy morning lie-in, an arvo hanging out with mates…Image result for playtime

….and evenings engaged in social life, chatting up the opposite sex in cafes or clubs or out at the movies, or enjoying sports, perhaps.

God forbid the self-indulgent slugs would sacrifice such fun to save whales or rain-forests…or the planet!

They’re disgusting, and so are parents who condone their truanting.