How Many Guardian Gabblers Are Arachnophagists?

Billie Eilish embodies the angsty spider-eating teenage girl in all of us


As is blindingly obvious from her photo, the Guardian’s Suzanne Moore is no more in her teens than Miss Jean Brodie turned out to be in her actual prime.

But she has provided a clue to what’s wrong with many of that newspaper’s scribblers,

They are weird!

We know Ms Moore is weird from her intolerant scribbling.

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But this latest sign of dementia is a dead give-away.

Most of you will have either sisters, daughters or granddaughters who, like everyone else, has been through the teen years.


Image result for eating spiders

How many of them eat, or have ever eaten, spiders?

PS I have no idea if Ms Eilish, whom Moore cites as an example of arachnophagism, eats anything unusual. In fact, until today, I’d never heard of her.