Anti-Brexit Hate-Crime! RemaiNazis Must Be Put Down!


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Above is Martin Daubney, MEP, Brexit Party, facing down a Remain rabble which shrilled and spat at him, while flying the Eire flag.

Below, a RemaiNazi ( the braying jackass on the left) who thought it ever so droll to suggest gassing Brexit supporters.

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I note also the unpleasant erstwhile BBC moron, Terence Christian, born in England  to  parents from the alien and hostile state whose flag features in our top phoograph….


….who himself resembles one of those aliens in the Tom Cruise ‘War of the Worlds’ film, though on reflection those eldritch beings showed more signs of rationality and indeed humanity than the very Un-Christian slob named Christian….

….who openly asserts that, if food-stuffs run short, Brexit supporters should be subjected to death by starvation…




…and that elderly Brexit supporters should be deprived of medicine if they fall ill.

Very evocative – of Hitler’s attitude towards Jews in the Third Reich…so perhaps it’s not surprising to hear such base bile from fans of the Fourth Reich!


fourth reich

Fourth Reich Has Nazi Roots?

Elsewhere on Facebook I saw a Brexit man knocked to the ground by another RemaiNazi.

There’s a Twitter link…     …but if that doesn’t work try the Facebook page ‘EU – I Voted Leave’ (from yesterday)

Like, uh, it looks to me as if the much-talked-of British Civil War is already getting underway.

If the police do not act against RemaiNazi hate-freaks, patriots should take whatever steps they feel appropriate.