October 14th Election? One In The Eye For Whom?

Ignoring much of the asinine opinions expressed in the Guardian this week…

..and by God this week’s pages were positively infested by imbecilic ranters, like that ugly uppity Un-Australian Yapper, Yassim Abdel-Magied…


Far-Left’s Anti-Migrant Ranting Deafens Australia! 

…who went nuts because another lefty luminary showed a tine wee bit of sense, viz.,

..the argument became a tirade. It became about the fact that a white man should be able to write the experience of a young Nigerian woman and if he sells millions and does a “decent” job — in the eyes of a white woman — he should not be questioned or pilloried in any way.

All together, now, YAWN!


It became about mocking those who ask people to seek permission to use their stories.  https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/sep/10/as-lionel-shriver-made-light-of-identity-i-had-no-choice-but-to-walk-out-on-her


And Malignant Magied’s hogwash howl is only arguably the most deranged drivel the Guardian thinks worth inflicting on readers!

Get this!

Life began for me as a queer teenager amid the happy excesses of Great Yarmouth

The editors apparently imagine that there are people remotely interested in reading about a sexual deviant’s adolescent antics!


That, all that, above, is just a kindly mental-health warning – avoid the Guardian.

It does stress you out after a very short perusal of its pearls of pinko wisdom.

Today, it’s BORIS, or at least his alleged scheming, that I want, very briefly, to look at, and in particular…


Boris Johnson to seek 14 October election if rebels succeed, says government source – as it happened

…I was fascinated by the announcement of the date of the next UK election.

October 14th!

As we noted two years ago…

October 14th – Hastings Day, As England Faces Invasion 



…that’s the anniversary of the Battle of Hastings!

So can we read the runes of history to predict the outcome?

Will Boris be blind-sided by Europhiliac renegades…

…and the realm continue to be ruled from abroad?

Be cool!

History is a valuable tool for those Brits wishing to learn what mistakes should be avoided when fighting off enemies across the Channel.

But anniversaries, unless forgotten by unwise husbands, are not indicators of what happens next!