Pedo Pig Guider Should Have Been Tortured!

The Australian Government is proposing to take a small step in the right direction.

But how bizarre that the plan to oblige weak-kneed courts to put child-sex-offenders behind bars…


…should even need to be brought forward.

How could even the most sicko liberal judge NOT imprison such filth?

Personally, in the regrettable absence of capital punishment, I must admit that castration and branding them on some visible area of skin would be my preference for any pedo pig.

That brings me to the Michael Guider case.


Convicted pedophile and killer Michael Anthony Guider.Convicted pedophile and killer Michael Anthony Guider. Read all the sickening story here –


A slimy pervert murderer is RELEASED despite the NSW state government appealing to the  high court?

Despite the fact that the Supreme Court judge admits there’s still a risk of further depraved attacks?

Because a panel of ‘experts’ deem it inappropriate to keep the scumbag confined in prison because it would not serve any rehabilitative purpose!’

His 9-year-old victim’s mother was on the news yesterday and her outrage would have made a stone statue shed tears.

She still doesn’t know where her daughter’s remains are!

Guider ought to have been tortured to make him reveal the facts of the little girl’s demise.

He deserves death.

Fingers crossed he’ll run afoul of one of those funnel-web spiders mentioned by a regular commenter here yesterday.