Wow! A Non-Alarmist Environmentalist!?!

Further to my expostulations on the tiresome brats of Australia…

…I was delighted to find – – that there are actually serious and rational people who care about the environment.

Some readers express amazement at my constant output on all manner of issues, but in fact there’s a lot more I’d like to write about. It’s a question of time.

If I’m not out and about in Jakarta having fun…

…then I am home, combining mundane activities like preparing a meal ( and then eating it!) with typing up new verbal missiles to fire at the foe.

Some domestic duties, such as ironing, do not lend themselves to such guerilla war, otherwise my shirts get singed…



…but fortunately I have somebody who does most of my ironing for me.

Even so, I like to lounge out front in the sun of an arvo, and the hot sunshine here isn’t good for my Ipad.



Hence if I find an article which makes sense, I will simply use the link to refer you to it.

Thus the excellent interview on with the man who runs Environmental Progress. deserves a donation. I certainly don’t agree with all their writers have to say, but they are, unlike the pinko creeps of the Guardian, free spirits with a readiness to defend free speech.

And I’d say Environmental Progress merits a bit of financial assistance. The founder, during the interview, observes that if he were more alarmist, he’d receive more money.

Help his cause, please.