Even BBC Dateline Gets A Little Real – Except For Italian Bigotress!


BBC’s Dateline was almost bearable today!

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The lefty Belgian Marc Roche said he did not think the Brussels Empire would grant that extension the Remainiacs are demanding. He also opined that HM The Queen was a Brexiteer!



Ian Martin from The Times talked a lot of sense, esp. in response to a bigoted Italian woman, Annalisa Pira, who ranted about Boris’s ‘lies’ and drooled about a second referendum.

Mr. Martin said the majority in the 2016 referendum would not accept any Euroid victory in any second referendum, since the Euroids had not accepted the result of the first one.

‘Let’s have best of three!’

Pira then spewed out the usual claptrap about how people know a lot more now than they did in 2016, to which Martin replied that he did indeed know a lot more about EU than he did in 2016…



…and was all the more committed to voting Leave as a result of his increased knowledge!

Piras we have met before…

Dateline BBC – Biased Bigots’ Chorus! 

   ….an unpleasant woman, whose bias was so intense that we had to check her out and –

– surprise, surprise…


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…she writes for the Guardian!

AND the BBC had infamously screened a propaganda film she made six years ago, in which she criticised the Brussels Commissars…



…NOT for their continuous assaults on national sovereignty, but for what she herself described as their failure to present an alternative vision to the narrow-minded nationalism fuelling the rise of “insurgent” anti-EU parties all over Europe.    https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/mar/05/britain-debate-europe-the-great-european-disaster-movie

There was another guest, an American woman, who mostly stayed factual, with considerable conjecture thrown in. Yet as far as I can see, this talk-show is still deliberately refusing to invite any pro-Trump person whatsoever to participate…


…despite the BIG LIE from that ultra-left-liberal former anchor.

‘We DO Try To Get Trump Supporters On Our Show’ –BBC