IRA Chants Affront Glasgow – Ban ‘Enemy Within’ Parades!

As we noted on Friday, and were reminded by at least one commenter…

IRA Murder-Gang Fans March In British City? Stop Them! 

…the SNP (separatist) city council in the Scottish city of Glasgow has been allowing disloyal ‘Irish Unity’ fanatics to parade offensively around the streets.


 And a big march will go ahead in Glasgow tomorrow

Fanatics Fly the Enemy Flag – Would Nazis Have Dared March in Glasgow In 1940?


When, inevitably, decent Glaswegians take offence at the sight of anti-British agitators, at the bestial grunting  of  ‘Up The IRA!

“Republicans chanted ‘up the Ra!’ “  ( The Sun) 

Yet the response of SNP (and other political hacks) is to witter about changing the law, NOT to outlaw Enemy Within marching, but to curb all parades, including those of loyalists proclaiming their allegiance to Queen and Country!

‘Moral equivalence’ ad absurdum.

Hasil gambar untuk Ulster

Those who want to see the British people of Ulster placed under foreign rule are, according to the separatists’ weird morality and flawed logic, deserving of equal respect as that accorded to good citizens expressing solidarity with their Ulster kinfolk’s right to self-determination?




Absolute tripe!

Fans of the Sinn Fein/IRA gangster group, subversives who endorse the annexation of British Ulster by Eire, are NOT entitled to respect, nor to any imagined ‘right’ to flaunt their treasonous aspirations in British cities.

‘Irish Unity’ is not a legitimate political objective.

‘Ireland’ is a geographical expression, not a nation.




It’s an island, on which two quite distinct peoples dwell.

One is British, the other is anti-British and harbours expansionist ambitions against British Ulster.



British Unity is a legitimate cause.

Those who weaselled their way across Glasgow yesterday should be told that if they wish to live under that Eire tricolour, then there’s a simple solution to their urge.

Tell them straight –  if their allegiance is not to the Union Jack, then…