Bahamas – Trump Won’t “Do A Merkel!”

I saw in the news that the usual suspects in America are throwing tantrums because President Trump won’t let Bahamians into the USA without visas.

Then I watched the news this morning, on France24 ( so not some wicked non-left source!) and learned that there are ‘many’ Haitians on the hurricane-hit islands, ‘many of them illegal.’

It’s a fact that tourists have more than once been warned of the dangers posed by violent criminals in the Bahamas.


So Trump is quite right.

The last thing the USA needs is a pack of Haitian crimmigrants pouring in.

Every sensible person in Europe will understand what folly that would be.

Merkel’s madness, justifying her admission of a million unvetted aliens, many of whom  were and are violent predators, or worse, savage jihadists, motivated by sectarian hate for decency and democracy




…by pointing to allegedly terrible conditions in Syria, should make all Western leaders alert to the dangers.

Lucky USA, that they have a far wiser, and more patriotic, leader today than Germany had four years ago.




Trump is not indifferent to the displaced on the former UK colony. He has taken cognizance of the realities, viz. –

because large portions of the Bahamas were not hit by Hurricane Dorian that it made more sense to move Bahamians to those areas rather than the shipping them to the United States.

Common sense!