GOP Beats BBC In North Carolina!

Nice to see a win for a pro-Trump Republican in North Carolina.

In normal circumstances, I’d notice, nod with approval and write about something else.

But a day or two ago, the British Bias Claptrap tv news had a look at the contest.


bbc propag


I’m pretty sure they mentioned the GOP candidate’s name, but their left prejudice, their infatuation, with the Democrat that they even went so far as to call him ‘charismatic.’

Evidently the voters felt differently, though what I read about the loser suggested that he wasn’t a nutjob leftist of the AOC variety.

So how come the BBC made a big thing about a minor congressional race in NC?

I am an inquisitive fellow, and if they had no obvious interest in boosting the Dem, Dan McCready,  the obvious conclusion was that they had it in for the Republican, Dan Bishop.



It seems Mr. Bishop had said and done some things that would enrage any BBC queer, and rest assured the BBC is the broadcasting wing of the UK gaystapo.

And the BBC’s best beloved American far-left rag..

A Leftist Lesbian Love Affair – ‘Auntie’ And ‘Mother Jones?’ 

….the deceptively named Mother Jones ( not a cookery journal!) really and truly hates Mr. Bishop.

The depth of their rabid hostility can be measured by a pre-election article excoriating the Republican.

It’s not a hit-piece confined to Bishop’s patriotic, conservative politics or his stand for decency against the ‘bathroom bill,’ the sicko legislation designed to let male trans-freaks use women’s toilets.


That sordid controversy is indeed dear to the BBC’s heart….

Courtesy Of All You Brits – Special Bogs For BBC Queers! 

…but the weirdo MJ scribbler, a klutz named Rosenberg, has a much bigger axe to grind!

He HATES the fact that Dan Bishop is called Dan.



Despite the fact that the congressman was christened James Daniel Bishop, the frothing lefty MJ hack blames the man for beginning his political life as ‘J Daniel Bishop’ but latterly preferring the easier ‘Dan’ to use in campaigning.

It’s unclear if Dan Bishop thinks it’s confusing that two people can be named Dan in a single election. Or maybe this is a misplaced attempt to conquer his lifelong regret of ever having James as a name at all. Whatever the case: A man named James is going to talk a lot about being named Dan for the next few months in North Carolina. 

The pinko , perhaps, enjoyed The Dandy comic as a child, which would explain why he seems to reckon that ‘Dan’ has a more folksy ring to it.

Is James therefore a wimpy name?

I’m acquainted with a few Dans, and a few guys named James. Most are not notably wimpy, nor outstandingly tough.

Questions arise!

Are ALL MJ hacks retarded?

Is the BBC so left-run that they’d follow Mother Jones to the Funny Farm?