Not Just Scots Judges Merit Dismissal – These Scum Deserve LIFE!

A group of people behind the UK’s biggest ever visa scam have been spared jail.


After my disgust at reading how a haggard, super-rich American bitch got a mere 14 days for despicable behaviour…


Image result for felicity 14 days

…I had to go into hyper-indignation mode over some wigged, witless wally, going by the name and title of Judge Martin Griffiths…



….who evidently thinks a gang of dirty scum convicted of collaboration in the importation of 900 illegal aliens into the UK ( at huge profit to themselves ) should be able to walk free, no doubt laughing their evil heads off.


‘Heads off?’

That’s how these swine…

Gang spared jail for visa scam that let 900 illegal immigrants stay in UK

…taxi driver Jillur Rahman Khan, 43, married couple Mazharul Haque, 46, and Maksuda Begum, 45, and Shaheda Roxsanna, 47…

….should be punished, but in the absence of the much-missed death penalty, at least life without parole would be acceptable.

I can’t see any info in the report –   – on how many of the 900 crimmigrants they imported have been captured and deported.

Not a lot, I’d say.

Will Home Secretary Priti Patel MP, who talks tough, match her words with actions?


She needs to order police ( and authorised support teams of citizen volunteers) to launch a nationwide operation, serious saturation raids on likely infested areas, and round up all those illegals – in fact, ALL illegals!

Don’t hold your breath.