Who ‘Behaved Appallingly,’ Cast-Iron? Cameron The Liar’s New Book!


Does David ‘Cast-Iron’ Cameron think Brits are immersed in collective amnesia?

I saw on the news today that the notorious ex-PM has been hard at work defaming the present British government.

His rant – motivated at least in part by the removal of the party seal of approval from the Remainer renegades, despite his own record of purging patriots…




3 Nov 2009 – …his decision to abandon a “cast-iron guarantee” to hold a referendum ...David Cameron to shed ‘cast iron’ pledge on Lisbon treaty |.


….requires a quick review of Cast-Iron’s own appalling record of total sell-out of democracy – the referendum he pledged and then reneged on shamelessly, until EIGHT years later he was forced by UKIP’s rise to keep his word.

Nor was that the only issue on which he showed what a weasel he was.

The Spectre Of Cast-Iron Cameron’s Deceit Looms Up! 

For more, just put ‘Cast-Iron’ into the Search-Box.

PS I won’t be wasting money on his book. If you need a good read, try this.

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