Asian Uptights Bleat Against Beauty!

One might expect such uptight bleating in some sexist cess-pool like Iran or Saudi Arabia…




…but NOT in Singapore, Taiwan or Australia!


Singer Kimberly Chen was frowned upon by those who said the beige colour of her clothing made it seem as though she was naked.

Yummy Kimberley


As you can see, Kimberley Chen is delightful to behold.

Not only she herself, but we too, wherever we are, ought to give thanks today for the beauty bestown on her by her Maker, which she has been gracious enough to share on the internet.

I only wish some similar vision would take morning strolls, with or without the dog, in my pleasant but unexciting Jakarta neighbourhood.

Yet a swarm of whining keyboard killjoys has been berating her, aghast at her beige bikini – – which, they complain, might be taken to suggest that she is absolutely unclad.




Although the story about Ms Chen is in a Singapore newspaper, and she’s said to be based in Taiwan, she’s apparently Australian.

I hope to visit Oz in a few months. I’ll be watching out for her.

If I miss out on a sighting, perhaps I should take a trip to Taiwan.