Canada’s Justin Should Clean Up His Act!

Surprise, surprise!

My sling-shot today is aimed, not at Pro-Crimmigrant Pretty Boy..

RCMP has spent more than $6.6M to process migrants at Canada’s busiest illegal crossing….The bulk of the money is for overtime and maintaining a satellite office, but funds have also been spent on buses, diapers, baby food and car seats..


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…but at a certain Mr. Bieber, from Stratford, Ontario.


Justin Turdo is an unspeakably awful person, and a worse prime minister, but most of you already know my views on the bad son of a bad father already.

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Justin Bieber, on the other hand, has been on my radar hitherto only because he comes from a city I have always loved…


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…beautiful Stratford, Ontario, with its splendid Shakespearean Gardens and its river Avon, where I caught a cat-fish as a boy.

Like most Stratford citizens and those who have ever spent time there, I welcomed JB’s rise to fame and the spin-off benefits accruing to his home town.

Stratford has long had a reputation for civility and the common decency of the people who live there and up till now, the young star has not notably marred the little city’s good name.

Until now, as I say. Suddenly, he has lowered himself to the level of that gutter grub Beto O’Rourke..

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Memo To Foulmouth Beto – “Yes, This Is F**ked Up!”

…responding to a rather crass photo of a kissing couple on twitter or somewhere, not by simply saying he liked it or disliked it, but by quite needlessly inserting an obscenity in his comment.


“U guys are fuckin weird. And I like it,” Justin Bieber wrote.

For what possible reason did this grown man, who undoubtedly exerts influece on countless adolescents…


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…many of whom have parents trying their best to raise them as civilised children, feel obliged to display his gutter-gob globally in this manner?