‘Trayvon Martin Hoax’ – Will Exposure Spark Attack By BLM Racists?

About three years ago, I think it was, I was having a few beers in downtown Jakarta with some old friends.




Not an unusual event, you may say, if you know my habits.

But that night, one of the friends had brought along a couple of visitors to Indonesia, one of whom turned out to be an Australian pinko.

Since it was just about the time of America’s presidential election, talk turned that way. Unsurprisingly, my own and the pinko’s views differed ever so slightly.

From there, it expanded onto Obama’s racism, and when I quoted the most jarring example thereof…




…the racist president’s reference to the juvenile delinquent Trayvon Martin as somebody who might have been the son he’d never had, the pinko began visibly to froth.

Image result for hysteria

It was very gratifying to observe his near-hysteria on hearing that anybody could thus diss Obama.


I offer these remarks as a prelude, because I’ve just been reading an article about the court case which ended with the undoubtedly just acquittal of the man the race-baiters tried to crucify for Trayvon Martin’s ‘murder’ and it’s a revelation!

I am genuinely shocked at what an attempt at a lynch-mob it was.

Please read the article from Townhall.com…


…and be as astounded as I was by the sheer gall of the accused’s persecutors.

The article is about both a book AND a documentary film which investigates that trial.


Image result for trayvon hoax film

….A trailer for the documentary is available here and copies of both the book and movie are available at the film’s website. The film will be screened at the National Press Club in Washington on September 16 at 1 PM with free admission to all.

I have neither the time nor the money to get to Washington but no doubt many people will be going along.

I do have to wonder, though, if, in view of the mayhem industry which has been carefully constructed on top of the mythical ‘murder,’ the screening on Monday will be subject to malevolent attention from the racists of the BLM…



…and/or gangster groups like the Red Nazis of Antifa..

I’m sure we shall see how it goes.