EURabble Rant In Luxembourg – But Was Bettel Tank-Topped?

Late news on BBC – the press conference scheduled for the conclusion of Boris Johnson’s talks with his Luxembourg counterpart, a man named Bettel, had to be cancelled…

…because of a baying mob of Europhiliac fanatics outside.

Probably just as well – Bettel was disparaging, downright rude, really…

According to Downing Street, Johnson asked to hold the press meeting indoors, so that journalists could understand what they said.


But Xavier Bettel’s wearing a suit – had he earlier been clad in a tank-top?


Bettel held the press conference alone, pointing to the empty place, saying the Brexit campaign was full of lies…

Yet the big question of the day remains un-answered.

Was Bettel at any point in the discussions wearing a tank-top?

Please see this link.–  for an explanation of my last sentence.