Who’s Funding That Luxembourg Rent-A-Mob?

Further to my observations on that rude queer Bettel, the loud Luxembourg PM, last night…

…more than a few people have been asking how come so many Luxemburgers felt strongly enough about Brexit, against Brexit, to be precise, that they turned up to boo Bojo, when you’d think, if they held honest jobs, they’d be at work?



Not many, d’ye think?

Only a few of the rat-pack were actual Luxemburgers, I suspect.

Moreover, I suspect that a lot of them are rich “British” Remoaners, moneyed moaners, who are prosperous enough to waltz off across the Channel to serve the interests of the Brussels Empire.

Others, perhaps, were “British” employees of the numerous EUSSR institutions with plush offices ( and indulgent managers!) in Luxembourg…


…taking late (or extended!) lunch breaks, or a whole day off (sick leave, to follow a sicko agenda?)



If any genuine journalists were in the vicinity, they might have honed their investigative skills by asking basic questions of the cacophonous crowd, to learn the identities of those cheer-leading the shrills.

I had a flick through the Europhiliac media. They ought to know and maybe they do but they haven’t told us.

Anybody back in The Old Country got any info?