Enjoy Movies? Stay Home This Weekend!

Or go to the movies, then come home and relax in your armchair and watch this one.

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Today we released something rather special on spiked. Deplorables: Trump, Brexit and the Demonised Masses is our latest documentary.

It tells the story of the populist revolts of 2016 not from the perspective of politicians, but from the perspective of ordinary people.

People who dared to hit back at the establishment and were smeared as racists and fools for doing so. People who had long been forgotten, but now cannot be ignored.

We travelled from the Essex coast to the Rust Belt and back, talking to writers, academics and voters, to find out who these so-called Deplorables really are, and what it is they want. Featuring contributions from Salena Zito, Matthew Goodwin, Glenn Loury, Munira Mirza, Paul Embery and more, it is not to be missed.

Watch it here. And have a great weekend.

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