Kiwi Shoppers Should Be Entitled To Bash Vile Vegans!

Where’s the compassion for beans, crammed into cans, drowned in sauce?


Kiwi Kooks, meat-hating vegans, at least those I’m writing about today,  are obnoxious louts.

If they seek to prevent people going about their lawful activities, then the vegans’ victims should have an absolute right to clobber the bums.

I refer to an extract from a report from New Zealand.

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It’s been a while since I spent time discussing NZ…

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…but Kiwis deserve a bit of solidarity when faced with arrogant agitators like those in an Auckland supermarket last Sunday.


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The insolent scum ‘formed a picket line to block shoppers’ access to the meat section and counter.’

That is completely unacceptable.

The vegans could have peacefully demonstrated outside -no worries! That’s the democratic way.

Instead they deliberately launched aggressive, obstructive action designed to provoke decent people simply trying to buy food for their families.

Buying and Eating Meat is a lawful pursuit!


But I strongly suspect that if any of the innocent shoppers had taken steps needed to reach the items they were perfectly within their rights to buy, and given any of the vegan louts a good clout as richly deserved, it would be the shoppers who found themselves the focus of police attention.

And that would be wrong!