Now Let’s Hear About Some Other ‘Wealthy Democratic Donors!’

‘Ed Buck, the Los Angeles political activist accused of preying on gay black men and forcibly injecting them with fatal doses of drugs, had at least 10 victims, would drug them while they were unconscious and was known locally as “Doctor Kevorkian”, according to new court records.


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And of the two in the photo, who’s the more deplorable?


The wealthy Democratic donor, 65, was arrested this week…’

What’s most interesting in the Guardian article is that militant queers in the racist BLM movement have been demanding for YEARS that police do something about Buck.

Hence my headline question!

Never mind the outcome of the case in the news!



How many OTHER plutocratic queers have avoided facing justice due to their Democrat donations?

It’s not just an  American scandal.

We know that the political-media in-crowd in the UK spent years hiding the truth about a filthy pervert high up in the Labour Party, collaborating to keep the public in the dark about Labour’s evil chairman.

We don’t know how many they’re still covering up, on either side of the Atlantic.