Bravo Ben Carson! Freak Fans Flushed Out – Now Fire Them!

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson made comments about transgender people that outraged some staffers at the HUD office in San Francisco, causing at least one of them to walk out of the room. 

What a dashed fine chap Ben Carson is!

Ben Carson official portrait.jpg


But when we look at what he reportedly said, there’s nothing any normal man or woman could possibly be ‘outraged’ about!

He warned about “big, hairy men” posing as women to get into battered women’s shelters, according to several sources…

Undoubtedly true.

Just because some men pretend to be women ( presumably predators) or even convince themselves that they are women ( sad nutjobs!)  the fact is, they are still men, and a lot of men are big and hairy.

Yet there are so many degenerates on the staff of the HUD that several were ‘visibly upset’ at hearing truths from their boss, truths  which they found ‘demoralizing and mortifying…’ 

Sleazy Creeps!


Does ‘she’ work at HUD?


…and one  of them, allegedly a ‘woman’ ( but was she a real woman or a trans-freak?) walked out of the meeting.



Bad people, bad manners – the ‘woman’ should have been told to keep walking, all the way to the nearest unemployment office.

And it would be no bad thing to issue final warnings to the other ‘visibly upset’ sickos.

Decent Americans, who concur with the other Carson view quoted –

 …gender definitions have remained unchanged for millennia..

– surely don’t want their tax-dollers wasted on fat salaries for freak-fans who, again according to the leaked account of the meeting, were left ‘shell-shocked’ by a simple biological fact.