How Does An 'Archetypal Conservative' Dress?

How does an ‘archetypal Tory’ dress?


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Like this? I hope so!


I used to do a lot of work for the Tories ( before I had enough of that mealy-mouthed party) on council estates – die-hard Tories I met would be wearing t-shirts and jeans (men and women alike) or else (on good sunny days) tight tops and tighter shorts (women)

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It never occurred to me to ask if they considered their attire to be ‘archetypically Tory.’

Now consider this lady – use the link to see her!

She looks neat, smart and sounds articulate.

But The New European, a propaganda Remainiac rag, quotes a hirsute mutt named Mike Galsworthy…


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…as saying she was ‘dressed like an ‘archetypal Tory!’

She sounds to have done a grand job of verbally taking down a LibDem loudmouth on Question Time last week. Again, you may hear her on the link, if you wish.

But I am more interested in what Mr. Galsworthy and The New European must think an archetypal Remainer looks like, since he clearly has an engrained prejudice that people’s clothes disclose their political views.

Here are a couple of suggestions (since there are two types of Remainer, the elitist snobs and the thuggish louts…

Anti-Brexit Hate-Crime! RemaiNazis Must Be Put Down! 

…whom we’ve seen at recent demos attacking patriots.