LibDems Exposed – A Pretended Shudder At Racist Snobbery!

I visited the English West Country many years ago, and travelled through Devon without noticing anything terribly amiss about its inhabitants.

I rather liked the local accent….


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…and the scenery is a delight!

So it was surprising to learn that they had been besmirched by a stuck-up, and even more surprising that the besmircher was a weird woman aspiring to be their Member of Parliament!

Kirsten Johnson, ‘a pianist and composer,’ has abandoned that aspiration after slurring the populace on BBC Radio last week!

She loftily damned the peasantry for their pro-Brexit voting record, which was due to their race, “98 per cent white” and their ignorance of the joys of multicult…


….in that those blasted whiteys had not been adequately “exposed to people from other countries, they don’t travel a lot.”


Not only that, there was a serious lack of rich people!

“…North Devon being isolated, being rural and low income perhaps hasn’t appreciated the advantages of being in the European Union,” she said...- Telegraph (£)

After escalating her insult avalanche, saying that her ‘concern is the rise of hate crimes,’ she evidently realised that her voters might be listening.


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When asked if she links leave voters to hate crime, she was adamant that she does not link leave voters with hate crime.

But then she somewhat undermined her retreat by doubling back and asserting that “it’s a complex view to who and why people voted leave”.

Maybe because they WANTED TO LEAVE?

Her erstwhile opponents for the seat naturally made adverse comment on this elitist musical mutt, but deep down they must be a tad disappointed by her resignation as candidate.

Not all LibDems are as upfront and honest about their contempt for ordinary British people.



Most of Klutz Kristen’s comrade candidates will be much more careful, as they defend their new policy of denying the people any vote ever again on the joys of being a province of the Brussels Empire.