An Evil Monster Speaks…To The BBC!

…and pray that a slow and painful cancer may yet afflict this bestial ex-priest.

The beast’s name is Patrick Ryan and when asked…

….if he was connected to the Brighton bomb, Patrick Ryan replied: “One hundred per cent.”

That’s what he told the BBC in an interview for their series on the Enemy Within’s attempts to place British Ulster under foreign rule.

Asked further,if he had any regrets, Mr Ryan said: “I regret that I wasn’t even more effective, absolutely. I would have liked to have been much more effective, but we didn’t do too badly.”

Obviously, the old swine should be given what he deserves, but while the UK Government probably lacks the backbone to send an SAS hit-squad to do that, at least we can be confident he will burn in Hell for all eternity.



BTW, it will be interesting, in due course, to see if his fellow-clerics will allow the demonic ex-priest to receive the last rites or be given a funeral in church, or interred in holy ground…

…instead of his corpse being fed to pigs, as would be fair and just.

But today what it’s useful to focus on is how the pig was ..

…arrested with cash and bomb-making materials in Belgium in 1988.

Repatriated to Ireland, the country refused to extradite him to the UK… .

The scumbags in Dublin claimed the swine would not get a ‘fair trial!’

A fair trial was not what the five innocent people murdered in the Brighton bombing got, and many more innocents were injured.

Lady Tebbit remains paralysed to this day.

And the BBC report reminds us of another evil, the dirty deal cooked up by Bliar and the Blood-Beast…



…the Bad Friday Agreement, which, among many another affront to justice, meant that another pig, who planted the bomb, and  subsequently received eight life sentences, was turned loose in 1999.

And that miserable sell-out deal is what all the posturing in Brussels today is all about preserving, that, and the sensitivities of  the third-rate alien republic…


Image result for eire


…which provided a safe haven for murderous terrorists throughout their cowardly campaign.

A safe haven inspired by Eire’s aggressive, expansionist goal of flying their lousy tricolour over the British people of Ulster.