Fatuous Friscolese – New Left-Lingo In California!

Please note that the language vandals referred to below are not some local committee of the Red Nazi Antifa movement but the statutory civic authority in a major American city…


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…San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors.




“…instead of referring to an individual as an “inmate,” one should use the term, “currently incarcerated person.” Rather than call someone a “juvenile offender,” the person should be described as a “young person impacted by the justice system.”



That PC drivel is an insult to Plain English, yes, but those promoting it are also open to the charge of racism, because their justification for requiring their flunkeys to talk sheer rot…




….is that continuing the wicked old habit of telling the truth would “make the institutionalization of racism and supremacy appear normal.”

…’Racism?’ .

So if people discuss criminality, use “dehumanizing language like ‘prisoner, ‘convict,’ inmate,’ or ‘felon’ they’re actually talking about race?

That is a rather racist assumption, surely. Criminality is not synonymous with any particular colour.

If any ethnicities find themselves behind bars more than others do…


…but the facts indicate that the reason for their unpleasant situation is that they commit more crimes than others do, then it’s hardly ‘racist’ to say so!!