BBC Flunkeys Getting Above Themselves? Fire Them!

It’s thanks to one of my commenters that I came across this latest example of uppity flunkeys who don’t seem to know their place.

bbc propag


We’ve often used that illustration, above, to indicate the BBC’s cultural marxist bias but the Guardian report confirms that the words ‘that fits our agenda’ do indeed reflect the bigoted mentality that pervades Broadcasting House.

Fanatic staff, mere employees, with no conceivable right to dictate, or even to influence, what’s said, seen and/or done on TV channels funded by the British people, are now actually seeking to suppress dissenting voices on issues of great moment.


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Naga ‘Bias’ Munchetty


The article starts with a yelp about the BBC’s limp-wristed admonition of an uptight bint named Naga Munchetty – the Trumophobic vixen should have been fired, as my commenter suggests.

Apparently (according to the Guardian, the state broadcaster’s ideological soul-mate, which ought to know!) this has sparked something of an uprising among the flunkeys, NOT because of the slap-on-the-wrist scolding but because they think she should have been allowed to get off Scot-free.

These insolent toe-rags evidently don’t understand that they’re hired to work, not wield editorial power.

Editorial staff, indeed, are obviously unsatisfactory, but that’s because they are serious unprofessional, often unable to recognise how bigoted their own attitudes are.



A recent article by a recently retired BBC man confirms this.

However, what ALL BBC employees should know, and if they can’t grasp it, out they should go, is that a fundamental principle for a state-funded broadcasting operation is fair debate, equal time for both sides of any issue.

We saw that cast aside last week, when the horrid brat was lionised (or should that be lionessed?) and unbelievably excessive attention given to climate-panic merchants.

Yet it could get even worse – worse even than all the slanted news, and the non-level playing fields, it’s a fact that the BBC is infested by  a significant number of rabidly intolerant leftists who are ABSOLUTELY against free and fair debate on a major controversy raging in Britain today.



At the same time the BBC management is increasingly facing internal clashes with its own journalists who are publicly calling out the corporation when they feel it is falling short on issues relating to diversity – both internally and on-screen.

This then causes clashes over which topics are legitimate topics of discussion for the corporation’s television and radio shows ….


Wait for it!

…and which are not up for debate.

Since when are free-born Brits told which issues they may speak freely on.

Yes, I know, since the degenerates at Westminster started passing gag laws on race, religion and perversion, the bias on the last issue obviously motivated by self-interest..



Earlier this year, the BBC reminded staff not to tweet their personal views, after employees publicly objected to BBC programmes hosting discussions that debated the rights and wrongs of teaching children about tolerance for LGBT people.

…that it should make it all the easier for a responsible government to  clean them out and hire people, left or right or centre, who believe in free speech and not in censoring the voices of millions of British people who are NOT prepared to buckle and bow down to the gaystapo agenda.