Sod Off, Fancy-Pants Europhiliac Foul-Mouth!

If you missed this, read the link, and ask yourself…

Official portrait of Neil Coyle crop 2.jpg

Neil Coyle,MP -Fancy-Pants Foul-Mouth

…what kind of coarse, creepy MPs are on board the Anti-Brexit Express?

This foul-mouthed socialist Europhiliac slug has a university degree and attended an expensive super-posh independent school in Bedford which was founded centuries ago ( by mediaeval optimists!) to instil ‘good manners in youths and boys.’




Yet he can’t articulate his opinions without resorting to the vocabulary of an inebriate fish-wife?

The rather louche-looking louse ( would you buy a used car from anyone resembling him?) had already been obliged to promise his constituents to tone down his foul mouth..


Image result for wash your mouth out with soap

…but any promise from a socialist slob is clearly like a pie-crust, made to be broken.