Sneer-Minx Maitlis – No Charm School Grad, She!

That snotty sneer-minx Emily Maitlis, having just been slapped down herself a week or so ago, for her own crass lack of professionalism…

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…has some nerve to coming rushing to the defence of her BBC comrade Naga Munchetty.

We have noticed this phenomenon before, in connection with BBC bigots urging as ban on free speech on televised discussions.


BBC Flunkeys Getting Above Themselves? Fire Them! 


The insolent vixen ( Maitlis, not Munchetty, though they are both arrogant upstarts!) is now all a-whine about how the BBC is “massively out of touch with the real world.”


The BBC is certainly out of touch with millions of British people…


bbc propag


…as viewers can see for themselves every day.

But Maitlis thinks her employers – the broadcasting mandarins, not the tax-payers from whom both these women get their huge salaries…




…are out of touch because the BBC’s Executive Complaints Unit (ECU) told Munchetty to stop mouthing off, after an ugly, uptight rant against President Donald Trump.

Well, Maitlin would take Munchetty’s side, after all, one uppity lefty backing up another.

And that Complaints Unit is certainly open to criticism.

Neither of the bleating Beebettes was suspended, nor even lost a day’s pay, nor even got a final warning.


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Instead a feeble reproof, despite no sign of any serious apology from either offender against the principle of impartial state broadcasting.

The two shrews ought to be tamed.




Better still fired!

I know any call to discipline these delinquent dames will fall on deaf ears at Broadcasting House.

But we need to make BBC bias an election issue.

If Bojo won’t batter the broadcasters into doing their job in accordance with the rules of objectivity, one hopes the Brexit Party will.